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10 sites that let you play the best online games for free

You have many options when it comes to playing online games for free. The best part is that you can play these games on any device, from your PC to your tablet or smartphone. Here’s a list of some of our favorite sites for free online games:

Racing Games

Racing games are a fun way to get your adrenaline pumping. They’re fast paced, exciting, and easy to play. Racing games can be addictive because of the thrill of driving at high speeds.

Racing games usually involve racing cars; however, there are some that allow you to drive boats or planes as well. Some racing games have multiple modes in which you can choose from such as single player mode where you race against the computer or multiplayer mode where you race against other players online.

Shooting Games

Shooting games are a popular genre of video games. They generally involve the protagonist shooting targets, often other people or living creatures.

Shooting games are a type of video game in which the player often engages in combat based shooting, either as part of a military force or to protect civilians from hostile forces. They can be classified by their perspective:

  • First-person shooting (FPS) – The first-person perspective is that shown through the eyes of the character being played as; it may be limited to what is seen from inside their helmet or visor, or it may include the whole body and surrounding area. Usually this means that you have no direct control over your character’s limbs, instead you use your mouse/gamepad to move around and make them interact with their surroundings.

Adventure Games

Adventure games are extremely popular because they require you to solve puzzles, explore and travel. Many adventure games have a story line that requires you to think strategically as well as use your reflexes.

Adventure games can be played solo or with friends, on a variety of platforms.

Sports Games

  • Football Games
  • Basketball Games
  • Baseball Games
  • Ice Hockey Games
  • Soccer Games
  • Tennis

Family & Kids games

Family & Kids games

These free games will help you make the most of your screen time with your kids. The best part? They’re fun for adults too.

  • Family Feud (iOS, Android) – Can you guess what other families are thinking? Your family can see how they compare to others when they play this classic game together. It’s just like the TV show except it’s free and available on your phone or tablet. And if you don’t have any family members nearby to play against, why not play online with people from around the world.
  • Guesstures (iOS, Android) – If you want a game that really tests your knowledge of popular culture, then this is it! It’s so much fun trying to guess what gesture another player is making without using words or clues. This game is great for all ages because there are no winners or losers it’s all about having fun together as a group of friends.

Educational games

Educational …